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Male Fitness Model

This category is the perfect division for models who are more fitness orientated. Our fitness models resemble bodies seen on traditional fitness magazines, these men are more muscular and toned that traditional models, excessive vascularity and muscularity is not suited to this division (they are not bodybuilders, but rather "beach models").

Site M Fit Model_edited.jpg

2 Rounds

The Male Fitness Model Division comprises 2 rounds, the first round being Swimwear, the second Eveningwear.

The swimwear round requires contestants to wear square cut designer spandex shorts (men's brief styled shorts).

Judges are looking for a more muscular and conditioned physique, contestants have fuller, more symmetrical appearance. Extreme muscularity will be marked down, physiques in this division need to be aesthetic but not overbearing.


The Eveningwear Round requires Male Fitness Models to wear formal designer evening wear of their choice. No smart casual attire.

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