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Male Physique Model

This category is the perfect division for models who are heavily focused on attaining the "ultimate" physique. Our Physique Models are more muscular than fitness models and essentially bridge the gap between fitness modelling and traditional bodybuilding. The requirement for these physiques is fairly open - well conditioned, muscular and large provided they display aesthetically pleasing lines 

Site Physique Model.jpg

2 Rounds

The Male Physique Model Division comprises 2 rounds, the first round being Swimwear, the second Eveningwear.

The swimwear round requires athletes to wear 3/4 spandex posing trunks. Athlete's physiques are too large to be considered fitness models yet judges will be looking for pleasing lines, symmetry, overall fullness, definition and conditioning.


The Eveningwear Round requires Male Physique Models to wear formal designer evening wear of their choice. No smart casual attire.

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