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Fitness Bikini Model

This category is the perfect division for ladies who push the boundaries of their physiques for the "ultimate" fitness look. These ladies are more conditioned, toned and muscular than the Bikini Models

2 Rounds

The Female Bikini Model Division comprises 2 rounds, the first round being Swimwear, the second Eveningwear.

The swimwear round requires ladies to wear two piece designer bikinis of their choosing.  There is a colour scheme requirement (See web page)

Contestants in this lineup have freedom to push the limits of their physiques. Capped shoulders, vascularity and overall muscular development is encouraged, however, the goal is still to maintain femininity and aesthetic.



The Eveningwear Round takes place during the main show in the evening (Pre-Judging of swimwear takes place during the day). The Eveningwear Round requires ladies to wear a designer evening gown of their choosing. The colour scheme is dependant on the division (see website page). 

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