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Female Model

This category is the perfect division for models who do not necessarily focus on fitness but rather ramp modelling. Ladies in this division resemble the traditional pageant models seen in fashion shows around the world

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2 Rounds

The Female Model Division comprises 2 rounds, the first round being Swimwear, the second Eveningwear.

The swimwear round requires ladies to wear matching full piece designer swimwear. Judges will be looking for softer yet slightly toned ladies with the "Women's Health" or traditional model look. No capped delts, harder physiques are marked down. 


The Eveningwear Round takes place during the main show in the evening (Pre-Judging of swimwear takes place during the day). The ladies are able wear a cocktail gown of their choosing, however, the colour scheme is dependant on the division (see website page). This category requires that ladies display their knees.

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